Ahmad Hassan

Ph.D. Student in ECE @ USC

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EEB 228

3650 McClintock Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90089

I am a Ph.D. student in the Electrical & Computer Engineering department at the University of Southern California. I am fortunate enough to be advised by Prof. Feng Qian. Topics that intrigue me include, but are not limited to, Mobile Systems, ML for Systems, 5G Mobile Networking, Multimedia Systems, and Networked VR/MR. My current research highlights challenges faced by today’s 4G/5G applications and argues for a cross-layer design to overcome these challenges.

Since the last few years, I have been working closely with Prof. Zhi-Li Zhang and Prof. Z. Morley Mao. Previously, I was an undergrduate student at the Lahore University of Management Sciences majoring in Computer Science, where I had a great time studying cellular networks and congestion control under the supervision of Prof. Zafar Ayyub Qazi.


Jan 2024 Our OASIS work led by Shuowei was accepted to MMSys’24.
Jan 2024 Our “QUIC is not Quick Enough over Fast Internet” paper led by Xumiao was accepted to TheWebConf24 (previously WWW).
Dec 2023 Our smart band switching work has been accepted to HotMobile’24. Wait for details!
Dec 2023 Our abstract on radio resource optimization has been accepted to HPE TechCon’24.
Aug 2023 Joined USC ECE Ph.D. program.
Jul 2023 Our Habitus work led by Anlan was accepted to NSDI’24. Wait for the details!
May 2023 Visiting HPE Labs as an associate research intern this summer. 🧑‍💼

Selected Publications

  1. PAM
    An In-Depth Measurement Analysis of 5G mmWave PHY Latency and its Impact on End-to-End Delay
    A. K. Fezeu, Rostand, Ramadan, Eman, Ye, Wei, Minneci, Bengamin, Xie, Jack, Narayanan, ArvindHassan, AhmadQian, FengZhang, Zhi-Li, Chandrashekar, Jaideep, and Lee, Myungjin
    In Passive and Active Measurement 2023
    Vivisecting Mobility Management in 5G Cellular Networks
    Hassan, AhmadNarayanan, Arvind, Zhang, Anlan, Ye, Wei, Zhu, RuiyangJin, Shuowei, Carpenter, Jason, Mao, Z. MorleyQian, Feng, and Zhang, Zhi-Li
    In Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM 2022 Conference 2022
    A Comparative Measurement Study of Commercial 5G mmWave Deployments
    *Narayanan, Arvind, *Rochman, Muhammad Iqbal,  Hassan, Ahmad, Firmansyah, Bariq S., Sathya, Vanlin, Ghosh, Monisha, Qian, Feng, and Zhang, Zhi-Li
    In IEEE INFOCOM 2022 - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications 2022
    A Variegated Look at 5G in the Wild: Performance, Power, and QoE Implications
    *Narayanan, Arvind*Zhang, XumiaoZhu, RuiyangHassan, AhmadJin, Shuowei, Zhu, Xiao, Zhang, Xiaoxuan, Rybkin, Denis, Yang, Zhengxuan, Mao, Zhuoqing MorleyQian, Feng, and Zhang, Zhi-Li
    In Proceedings of the 2021 ACM SIGCOMM 2021 Conference 2021